Photosensitive Dielectric Materials PIMEL™
Photosensitive Dielectric Materials PIMEL™
PIMEL™ is a photosensitive PI material that is used worldwide for semiconductor applications such as buffer coatings, passivation layers for bumping, and dielectric layers for re-distribution bumping.
It has outstanding heat / chemical resistance and electronic / mechanical properties, and is available in various grades that can be used for purposes such as advanced packaging.
Our products are mainly used in semiconductor applications, for advanced packages that require multiple -layers or other specific functions.
Conventional packages
We have many years of mass- production experience in conventional packages for the semiconductor market.
Buffer Coating
Buffer coationg(PIMEL™)
Flip Chip(Cu pillar)
Flip Chip(Cu pillar)
Fan-Out(Single Die)
Logic etc
Advanced packages
We are expanding our sales of advanced packages that require cutting-edge technology.
Fan-out(Heterogeneous with Si Bridge)
Fan-out(Heterogeneous with Si Bridge)
RDL Interposer
process and Mechanism
Our products are photosensitive and can be finely patterned on a micrometer scale. They can be coated not only on wafers but also on panels and other substrates.
process and Mechanism
We have a diverse product lineup to meet a wide range of applications and requirements. For detailed information, please send an inquiry using the form below.
BL-series BM-series AM-series MA-series LV-series
Development Solvent Solvent Aqueous Aqueous Solvent
Patterning Negative Negative Positive Positive Negative
Structure Polyimide Polyimide PBO Phenolic Resin Polyimide
Application examples WLCSP,Fan-Out RDL+WB,Flip Chip Buffer Coating Buffer Coating Panel
Features Wide cure margin (200~390 degC) High elongation Compatibility with Cu Wide cure margin (200~390 degC) High Tg&Young’s modulus Compatibility with Cu High sensitivity Low curing temperature (200~390 degC) Low stress Compatibility with slit coating Wide cure margin (200~390 degC) High elongation Compatibility with Cu
We have three offices in Japan, and also distributors and affiliates in other countries.
Moriyama,Tokyo HQ,Fuji
Attestation acquisition: :ISO9001, ISO14001
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